What Is Carting / Drafting?

Draft /Cart work with dogs incorporates any dog sport or effort in which a dog might wear a harness to enable that dog to pull something. Dog sports included but not limited to: Cani-Cross, Dog Carting / Competitions, Dog Sledding / Mushing, Weight Pull, Yard / Barn work, Dry land Mushing, Scootering, Dog Scootering / Dog Powered, Bike-joring, Sulky Driving, Ski-joring, Back Packing, Service Dogs.

Many of these are recognized competitive dog sports with their own rules, regulations and registering associations. Most of the rules are related to dog health and safety. Many are considered heritage sports. Some are included with historical reenactment groups. Some are virtually unknown. Some like service dogs that pull are not a sport at all but a service to humans.

Canines & Humans United, LLC (CHU) also has a venue known as Carting / Drafting. There are four titles available and open to to all dogs. Earn a Novice, Intermediate, Open, or Brace in all classes. Weight placed in the cart is based on the dog’s size and weight.